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Ninuku Arts: Walka Waru - Tjukula Tjuta by Ruth Fatt
Ninuku Arts: Walka Waru - Tjukula Tjuta by Ruth Fatt Ninuku Arts: Walka Waru - Tjukula Tjuta by Ruth Fatt
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Ninuku Arts: Walka Waru - Tjukula Tjuta by Ruth Fatt

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"Tjukula Tjuta" Blown glass vessel, with design painted by Ruth Fatt of Ninuku Arts 


Walka Waru: Ninuku Kalawatjanga ungu painta
Warm Works: Ninuku painting inside glass

This collaborative project explores new materials and forms, with artists who normally paint on canvas transferring their skills to glass for the first time. The artists at Ninuku Arts, in Kalka in the far northwest of South Australia, have painted their characteristically bold and colourful designs onto glass ‘starter bubbles’, which have then been blown into larger forms by JamFactory glass artists. The resulting works present ancestral stories in a striking new medium.

Ruth was born in the bush at Granite Downs cattle station around 1960 where her parents were working as station hands. Her father's country is Kampurarpapiti in Western Australia and her mother's place is Tjalinyla close to Tjuntjuntjara (Spinifex Country) also in Western Australia. Ruth's grandfather had three wives, as was common for traditional Pitjantjatjara men.  Ruth's grandmother was the first wife. Wingu Tingima was the third wife and culturally one of Ruth’s grandmothers.

Ruth has powerful links to the desert. Traditional knowledge of food collection and water sources were vital for survival in this dynamic desert landscape and is a prominent theme in her work. Ruth has cultural connection to Kuru Ala, and other sites associated with the Seven Sisters Tjukurpa; to Kata Ala, Pukara, Punuwara and Irrunytju.


Dimensions: H 260 x Dia 185mm
Materials: Blown glass

Due to the handmade nature of the products dimensions may vary on individual pieces.

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Handmade in Australia.